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The League is a first of its kind coalition uniting all facets of the legal industry. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and through women empowerment, we can elevate the entire legal industry. If you’re not yet a member and want to get involved, click the below link to fill out the membership form and donate to complete your registration!

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Thank you for being part of The League’s exciting inaugural year! 2023 was dynamic, and we’re eager for an even more progressive 2024, focusing on positive disruption, professional growth, and uniting women in the legal field.

In 2023, we exceeded our goal of 100 members and connected women in person at conferences and virtually through our monthly Connection Sessions and Lunch with The League. Together, we made a significant donation to this year’s charity contest winner: the Fight Like a Girl Foundation. This organization empowers women and girls to overcome life challenges, recognizing the inherent power within each of us. What started as an informative hub has evolved into a bold empowerment movement for all women, and we’re proud to support foundations like Fight Like a Girl.

We are thrilled to see how our community has grown outside of our designated meeting times and spaces. League members have formed strong connections, working together, becoming accountability partners, and creating a “conference buddy system” throughout this first year.

We’re hosting our annual donation drive to support our 2024 goals and would love to have your support.

The League’s goals for 2024:

Every dollar helps continue the mission to promote radical humanity, positive disruption, authentic collaboration, and to empower and uplift women in our legal community!