Jenny Levine

Jenny Levine

Jenny, a business development executive at Broughton Partners and the CEO of Swag my Brand, has over 15 years of legal marketing and branding experience.

Jenny has immense experience in mass tort litigation as well as the industry as a whole. She has a passion for clever advertising, branding, and what her grandma used to call “shopportunities”.

As soon as Jenny learned about The League, she instantly knew the concept was not only needed but long overdue. She has committed to being an integral part of this league of women and its mission and will work tirelessly to ensure its success.

When not working, Jenny is a big foodie and loves trying new restaurants. She’s usually the go-to for restaurant recommendations in most cities. She finds peace when doing DIY projects or educating herself on her newest venture, a short term rental owner and AirBnb host. She currently resides in Houston TX but when not traveling for work or fun you can likely find her back home in Fort Lauderdale, FL visiting her family.

Jenny’s WHY